General Fly Fishing Talk

Springtime Lakes on the Fly

As we all know, the spring can be a frustrating time of the year to locate water that can be effectively fished. We all know the feeling when a fishing trip can be rudely interrupted by swollen rivers. To this I say - think of the still waters. I have found that the higher elevation lakes can

May on the Coeur d'Alene

All of last week, in the back of my mind, the stone fly hatch was on. And as it turns out, not only one species, but to my delight… three! So the first chance I got, I took the quick 27 minute drive from downtown Cd’A to Kingston. The weather was warm enough to go wader-less – something I’ve

Upper Columbia Part One

This is a fishing story that demands two parts. The Upper Columbia River flows south out of Canada about 6 miles north of Northport, WA. Just so happens I’ve got a great friend that has a lodge perched on the banks of this mammoth of a water system just down river from town. A couple years back,

Upper Columbia Part Two...

This is the continuation of my previous blog post. Now that we had an idea what this water could physically do, we could start the hard process of determining how to fish it. None of us had actually fished this river. I was too busy building in the lodge to dedicate a substantial amount of time

Upper Columbia Part Three

Waking up looking out the front window of the Black Bear Lodge over the Columbia river is a great way to get amped for the day of fishing. On the other hand, watching the mountains socked in by rain clouds can put a bit of a damper on your enthusiasm. When days like this come along I remember one

Fishing Bucket List Part One

I would think that, like myself, every angler has a bucket list of places on this watery planet they just NEED to fish before they can’t cast a rod anymore. Fishing waters that literally haunt your dreams after seeing what is out there is one definition of Anglers Addiction. AA can come in many

Fishing Bucket List Part Two

For the third species on my Bucket List I have to say Salminus Brasiliensis, the Golden Dorado, anywhere in South America. Due to the vast geological area of this continent, I still need to do a good amount of research on exactly where to hunt these river beasts. Golden Dorado, like Tarpon and Mako

SUP Fly Fishing

Balance is definitely not something everyone is born with. Walking is one thing, but standing on an oversized surf board with a single blade paddle is not an easy feat. I decided to make it a bit more technical by adding casting, stripping and landing smallmouth Bass to the equation. I have seen

Spring Fly Fishing on the North Fork of the Coeur d’Alene River

The Coeur d'Alene River is an amazing free-stone waterway that sits just 25 minutes from the quickly expanding resort town of Coeur d’Alene, ID. Personally, I fish it anytime of the year, but the river really shines in the early and late spring; I recommend both. This time of the year can cater to