Fishing Report 7/24

The Coeur d'Alene River has been a great fishery this early summer. With warmer water temps this last few weeks we have seen a lot of hatch activity. Mayflies have been the dominating species, a few grey drakes, PMDs and BWOs are in effect. Some little Yellow Sallies are out and about and they seem to get some good attention on top. Nymphing the size 16-18 mayfly patterns and sz 8-10 stonefly patterns is producing good fish when the top water slows down mid day. Tan Sculpin patterns are always a good choice when chuckin' meat. 
The St. Joe, with normally cooler water temps than the CDA is a month or so behind when it comes to hatching bugs. The great thing about this is very high energy fish, the cooler the water the more active a trout will be. While fishing this waterway you can have days that will be slower, especially if your on it the day of a substantial weather change. PMDs and Yellow Sallies are the predominate bugs right now, fishing a sz16-18 on top can produce some good trout if you target feeding fish. Big golden stones are hatching mostly in the cover of night and fishing a sz 8 stonefly nymph is the ticket. 
Fish On!